Historical and Contextual Background

Chapter 8
Liberty and Sexual Privacy
Griswold v. Connecticut
Roe v. Wade

Liberty and the Family
Moore v. City of East Cleveland
Michael H v. Gerald D.

Liberty and Sexual Autonomy: Restrictions on Private Sexual Behavior
Liberty and Sodomy: Bowers Repudiated
Kentucky v. Wasson – Substantive Due Process
Lawrence v. Texas

The Constitutional Status of Gay Marriage
Varnum v. Brien

Liberty and the “Right” to Die
Washington v. Glucksberg
Justice Souter’s History of Substantive Due Process

The Takings Clause
Miller v. Schoene
Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council

Chapter 12
Equal Protection and Race
Civil Rights from 1861 to 1954

Plessy v. Ferguson
Downes v. Bidwell (The Insular Cases)

Equal Protection Analysis of Social and Economic Regulatory Legislation
New York City Transit Authority v. Beazer

The  Movement toward “Rational Basis with Bite”
Kentucky v. Wasson – Equal Protection
Romer v. Evans

Gender and Equal Protection
From Rational Basis to Rational Basis with Bite to Intermediate Scrutiny
United States v. Virginia

“De jure” versus “De facto” Discrimination: Obvious and Indirect Discrimination
Washington v. Davis
McCleskey v. Kemp
Board of Education of Oklahoma City Public Schools v. Dowell

Affirmative Action
Adarand Constructors,  Inc. v. Pena
Grutter v. Bollinger
Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1

Equal Protection and Fundamental Rights
The Right to Vote

Crawford v. Marion County Election Board
Bush v. Gore

Equal Protection and Fundamental Rights
The Right of Access to Justice
Griffin v. Illinois
M.L.B. v. S.L.J.

The Right to Travel
Shapiro v. Thompson

The Right to Travel Revisited: The Privileges or Immunities Clause
Saenz v. Roe